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The Greater Love Church of God in Christ was founded and established under the leadership of Elder Johnie Quincy Jones in September 1969.  The first Sunday School sessions were held in the living room of Elder and Missionary Jones, and worship services were held at the

Macedonia Baptist Church in Milpitas. Greater Love then progressed from the pastor’s home to a little storefront at 107 Dixon Road.  After several years of service to the community, the church finally outgrew this facility and a larger edifice was required to house the growing congregation.  In November 1977, after much prayer and consecration, a little vacant lot at the corner of 159 Dixon Road was selected by the pastor and congregation to become the new home of Greater Love Church of God in Christ. It was then a simple structure built by the pastor and a handful of members, God blessed the Greater Love expansion project to be completed and dedicated in July 2000.


Greater Love has been blessed to have one pastor – Elder Johnie Q. Jones.  There has been one, and only, one first lady – Missionary Mable Jones.  These servants of God have been strong, spirit-lead, dynamic leaders in the ministry, and have led countless souls to Christ.


Greater Love Church was, and is comprised of many dedicated, strong, prolific preachers, teachers, missionaries, musicians, directors, choir members, ushers, youth leaders, hospitality workers, and innumerable other workers; who together have labored long and hard in the ministries.  They have served the community and their fellowman selflessly, rendering their gifts, talents, time, and finances to promote the kingdom of God.  We praise and thank God for choosing us to be His servants.


With God’s help, the Greater Love Church will continue to grow and be a blessing to the people of God, an asset to the local community, and a shining example in the local, district, state, and national jurisdictions of the Churches of God in Christ. Elder Jones’ vision is still yet not complete for he has stated many times that the Greater Love Church would encompass the entire north side of Dixon Road from Arizona Street to Milpitas Boulevard.  We patiently await God’s instructions on how to proceed.


Times may have been rough, and truly we can say, “Our Souls Look Back and Wonder How We Got Over”.  But we can also boast of VICTORY through Christ Jesus.  Down through the years, God has continually proven and manifested Himself in our eyes.  The Greater Love Church Family has been witness to the miraculous power of God on so many levels and in so many countless ways.  Truly we can say with a surety, “Oh Lord, Oh Lord, How Excellent is thy Name in all the Earth” .  Lord, We Thank You!


Truly the Greater Love Church is a place of sanctuary and peace, a place of prayer and worship, a place of learning and nurturing, a place of concern and hope for the future, and a place where many ministry seeds have been planted and cultivated. But most of all, a place of love – Greater Love, a place Where Everybody is Somebody and Jesus is Lord of All!

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